The brand fflatroofftires dated back to 2013,is now one of the major export brands of the company QINGDAO HAWKWAY TYRE CO.,LTD.Aiming at expanding mid-end tire market,fflatroofftires is devoted to providing the most cost-effective tire products,the most well-developed marketing strategy and the best service support for cooperating partners,making itself the most valuable brand. fflatroofftires Products include all steel radial mining truck tire, tractor tire and trailer tire,all steel radial and bias OTR tires,industrial tires etc,featuring mainly in super wear-resistance,excellent loading capacity and great adaptation to complex road conditions.With international qualifications like ISO 9001,CCC,DOT,ECE,SMARTWAY,GCC,SNI etc,MARVEMAX tires are well sold in over 80 coutries in areas like Southeast Asia,Mid-Asia,North America,Latin America,Australia,Mid-west,and African coutries.Both quality and service are well recognised by clients. Looking forward,fflatroofftires is in pursuit of offering the best service for business partners.Comprehensive customized service including providing professional pre-sale trainings,tracking guidance and adverstiment support and after-sale assitance will help the cooperation partners achive fastest development.

Quality Certificate:

Our products are qualified with certificates including CCC, ISO9001 Standard, DOT, SMARTWAY, ECE, GCC and tire laboratory recognized by IS017025 standard.

Technical Support

The company has more than 2300 staff including 260 senior technicians and 11 national patents.

Quality Feedback

We also have our products sold to over 70 countries including USA, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand etc with its quality fully acknowledged by the end users.

Technology Force

We have 46 years’ history in tire production, both on bias and radial tires, we have great technology accumulation.

Mission Statements

The mission statement defines an organization’s purpose or reason for being. It guides the day-to-day operations of the organization, communicates to external stakeholders the core solutions the organization provides in society and motivates employees toward a common near-to-medium term goal. In short, the mission statement paints a picture of who the company is and what the company does.

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The Team

Trained, experienced, knowledgeable and ready to help. We don’t just answer your call, we solve your tire-related problems.










Up to 30 different kinds of rubber, fillers and other ingredients are used in your tyre’s rubber. The ingredients are mixed in giant blenders to create a black, gummy compound that will be sent on for milling.


The cooled rubber is cut into strips that will form the basic structure of the tyre itself. At the milling stage, other elements of the tyre are prepared, some of which are then coated in another type of rubber.


It’s now time to make the tyre – from the inside out. The textile elements, steel belts, beads, ply, tread, and other components are assembled on a tyre-building machine.


The green tyre is then vulcanised with hot moulds in a curing press, compressing all of the parts of the tyre together and giving the tyre its final shape, including its tread pattern and manufacturer’s SIDEWALL MARKINGS.


Trained inspectors using special machinery will now carefully check each tyre meets strict manufacturing standards before it can be shipped for sale. In addition to that, a selection of tyres is pulled from the line for x-raying. Our quality control engineers also randomly select tyres off the line and cut them open to ensure they meet Dunlop standards.

Partnerships And collaboration

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